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How to Create a Spring Boot Application

How to Create a Spring Boot Application

First, you must go to the following website:

After, fill in the group and the artifact fields. Example:

  • Group: com.mydomain
  • Artifact: demo

In the Search for dependencies field fill in: Web

The other fields can use the default value.

After you have filled in all the fields, you will have something corresponding to the image below:

First step with Sprint Boot

Now, click on the Generate Project button

So, download the ZIP file and unzip it.

Using a text editor ( I recommend Visual Studio Code), open the demo folder.

Now we are going to create the web controller named Hello World Controller using Spring Boot

Using the command prompt you can initialize the application using the mvn spring-boot:run command using Maven. After the execution, you will see the success message referring to the initialization from an embedded Apache Tomcat.

** 2017-12-02 12:40:50.915 INFO 7444 — [ main] com.example.demo.DemoApplication : Started DemoApplication in 6.207 seconds (JVM running for 14.739) **

So, access http://localhost:8080 in the web browser.

Hello World Controller using Spring Boot in the browser

That was pretty easy :)

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