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JDK 13 Released

JDK 13 is now available.

Oracle Certification with Free Retake [only for Brazil]

Oracle is granting a free retake for non-approved candidates on the first attempt. You can purchase the voucher with a free rekate following the steps below: 1º Sign up on...

How to Create a Spring Boot Application using Kotlin and Gradle

A few months ago I wrote an article showing how to create a simple Spring Boot application using Java, you can see it by clicking here.

Spring Boot 2.0 Released

Spring Boot 2.0.0 is now available as 2.0.0-RELEASE from and Maven Central. You can see it too on the website:

How to Create a Spring Boot Application

First, you must go to the following website: Spring Initializr After, fill in the group and the artifact fields. Example: Group: com.mydomain Artifact: demo